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Itihaas by
Akhilesh Mithal

Last updated:
Sunday, June 25, 2006

Aug 2: Hail Kubera!
July 26: Long Live Revolutionaries!
July 19: Rani Jhansi
July 12: Get on with Governance
July 5: Time for a New Look
June 28: Shesha Naaga
June 21: The RSS Let the Vessel Sink
Jun 14: Feroz Shah
May 24:  Musings on Pokharan
May 17: Month of Anniversaries
May 10: Time to Rewrite History
Apr 26: Tipou's Outlook
Apr 19: Fresh look at 1857
Apr 12: Justifying British Brutality
Mar 22: Chaaprasis
Feb 2: Nur Jahan

09/24: British Perfidy
09/11: Death & Diana
09/06: Nusrat Fateh Ali
09/03: War's Saving Graces
08/20: Marriage in India

April 12: Jama Masjid Inscriptions

Feb 23: Subuktagin and the Doe

May 20: Probing the Culture Fracture

Akhilesh Mithal is a student of history, who writes about the history of India, and how it reflects and affects current events in India.

Akhilesh's articles appear in the Asian Age and in the Deccan Chronicle on Sundays. You can read his most recent article in the Sunday edition of the Deccan Chronicle.

This page is the official collection of his articles. We are currently in the process of collecting them. As the become available, they will be placed here. If you have any questions or comments about these articles, send us mail.

All the articles that appear here are copyright Akhilesh Mithal.

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Akhilesh Mithal
Akhilesh keeps up with happenings around the world by reading voraciously.

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With Assistance from the British Museum, Akhilesh produced a reproduction of Darah-Shukoh's Album for ANZ-Grindlays Bank

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