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A Verse to Mark the Millennium Dec19
Survival Thanks to Protectors Dec19
Is Female Feticide Civilized? Sep19
Calcutta Online Review of Death of the Indian Dream Nov11
Are Female Abduction Issues Real? Dec12
The Genius of Abul Fazl Sept26
Reverse Cultural Gears and Return to Bhaang June6
Decline of Poetry 1998
Reassessing Jinnah Dec5
Indifferent Voters & Politicians Oct3
Why this Apathy for Culture? Nov28
The Status of Culture in the Subcontinent Nov21
Who is Responsible for Fewer Hindus? (Sex selective abortion) Nov14
Book Review of The Concerned Indianís Guide to Communalism  Nov12
Death of the Indian Dream Nov7
Was Abul Fazl a Sycophant? Oct31
Indian History and Foreign Authors Oct25
What Makes an Intellectual?   Oct17
Abul Fazl's Brilliance Oct10
Hope Diamond #1   Aug15
Enriching Anglo-Indian Relationships May30
The Legend of Chittor May9
The Capture of Chittor May16
New Military History Needed Feb21



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