Nov 14th, 1999
Akhilesh Mithal

Who is Responsible for Fewer Hindus?


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We, in India, are, for our sins no doubt, (karma), ruled by the parivaar which we know is a condominium consisting of the RSS / VHP / BJP and neither last nor the least, Bajrang Dal the "cutting edge" of the conglomerate. The Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray is the icon or "visible manifestation" of this group. 

The Srikrishna Report suppressed by the erstwhile government contains the dark and to be suppressed secrets. There are also various pamphlets being circulated by the Parivaar that make allegations of "atrocities" perpetrated on the meek mild and "tolerant" Hindus by the Christians who "forcibly" convert and the Muslims who "abduct" girls. The allegation in one pamphlet is that 100,000 such abductions take place each year. The abducted Hindu girls are converted to Mulsim. The assumption is that this reduces Hindu numbers absolutely and also proportionally in relation to Christians and Muslims. The gap between the two growth rates grow apace. Especially, favouring the Muslims because they are blessed with four wives and proliferate exponentially. 

While the numbers of Hindu women may be declining, the cause of the decline is not the simplistic abduction theory circulated by the parivaar, but more subtle and much more sinister.

Hindu women are legally handicapped in many ways. For example no woman can be a kartaa of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF). She may be the chief minister Delhi or the chief justice India or the prime minister but she is considered unfit to be head a HUF. 

This Parivaar's argument forgets to mention that women are the child bearing half of the human race, and of every cultural group, whether it be Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. And The biological reality may be ignored by Hindus wishing to save dowry by feticide or infanticide but it, however, remains and the reality is that "only women reproduce."

Any society or community that denies the right to life for its females is doomed to lose numbers. In consequence of a peculiar lack of love for the truth and an absence of the scientific temper no one in the Parivaar talks about the number of Hindus reduced by the slaughter of innocent female embryos. This is the practice of female fetocide, that is becoming known as known as "sex selective abortion." This is done when the parents use modern techniques such as ultrasound and amniocentisis to determine the gender of the embryo and abort the fetus it it is female. The all India rate for this practice is reckoned at some 300,000. 

Instead, non issues like "forced conversions" are raised. The pariwaar besmirches the walls with slogans like "Pope must apologise!" hindu ghategaa desh bunteygaa. ("If Hindus decrease in numbers the country will again be divided") and the like.

If Hindus mindlessly callously and cruelly go on with the slaughter of, the female embryo, how can they expect their percentage of growth not to diminish? Neither Muslims nor Christians kill female embryos and their growth holds steady as a result. The Hindus themselves are responsible for their numbers in percentage terms decreasing. They will not accept the consequences of their mindless, cruel and sinful actions and try to transfer the blame to Muslims and Christians for "forced conversions." 

The only real and relevant "forced conversions" are turning  live female fetuses into dead fetal matter in a terribly misdirected effort by the Hindus. The 1991 Census revealed that the projection of 1981 figures for 10 years (1981-1991) should have resulted in 35 million more girls than were found on the ground by the enumerators. 

35 millions is 3.5 crores. These girls could have been born, grown up, married and in turn had childern of heir own, which would have kept the Hindu growth rate up, and in turn kept the proportion of Hindus in the country stable. But, their right to live was denied to them. Who is to be blamed? Certainly not the Pope or Bin Laden. The blame lies with the self-proclaimed leaders of the Hindus the Shankaracharyas / Mutthaadhipatis / Ashok Singhal/  V .H.Dalmia / Giriraj Kishore and of course the duo Thakre and Thackeray besides, L.K. Advani and Atal Behari Vajpayee, Sushma Swaraj, Sadhvi Ritambhara and Uma Bharati.

The nearly 200 girls a year burnt alive and killed for dowry in Delhi alone are also a Hindu phenomenon and those whose hearts bleed for their communities, the Hindus and Jains and Sikhs have to address the problem and do something about it.

Just as bad rulers indulge in saber rattling against neighbours to divert attention from domestic ills, the leaders of the Hindus and Sikhs attack other communities and hope no one will notice.

The need of the hour is a renaissance, a rethink, a reassessment. Innovation creativity and inspiration. A cultural regeneration. This cannot come from fascists. And where are the others? 

The Marxists are a spent force. The Congress has been devoured by the flesh pots of Babylon. The only hope in politics appears to be Mamata Banerjee. But where is the hope in culture? Certainly not the minister for culture, Ananth Kumar.

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