Jan 10, 1999
Akhilesh Mithal

Eschew Hate in the 21st Century


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The growth of hatred fuelled by organized groups who have taken over in the name of cabals and juntas like the Whites, the Muslims, the Hindus etc., has made a bloody mess of the 20th century Gregorian. If it is felt that the 21st should be an improvement on the murky past of all mankind a beginning has to be made by dedicating what remains of 1999 to all of humanity and not just one section like ‘women,’ ‘the aged’ and ‘the children’ and so on.

For this last is tokenism. It needs to be emphasized that groups which came to power or snatched it for the exclusive enjoyment of only one section of their populace like the Nazi Germany, the Fascist Italy the Apartheid practicing White South Africans, the Sunni Muslims of Pakistan, the Jews of Israel not only sow the wind but also reap the whirlwinds.

Take the example of Pakistan. They first got rid of the Hindus and the Sikhs. Then they targeted the Qadiyani or Ahmadiya community. Chaudhari Sir Zafrulla Khan who had espoused the cause of a separate State for the Muslims when it had few adherents and supporters was an Ahmadiya.

All his forensic talent and enthusiasm had supported a cause and created a State in which there was no place for his own kind. A law was passed declaring the Qadiyanis ‘non Muslim’. They were even forbidden to call their places of worship ‘mosque’!

The Akali Sikhs are supporting the VHP/BJP/RSS in their narrow intolerant and communal agenda. If India becomes the ideal of Bala Thackeray and Kushabhau Thakre (described in future as ‘Thackeray and Thakre!’ in honour of Thompson and Thompson of Tintin fame) they may well suffer the fate of the Qadiyanis of Pakistan.

The rulers of these States which practice discrimination are apt to become brutalised and the people desensitized to the point of callous difference to human suffering and preoccupation with trivia. We can illustrate this point with the example of the chief executive of the most powerful country in the world and its people.

President Bill Clinton is in trouble. Is he being arraigned/ impeached/ tried/pilloried for the crime of causing suffering to the Iraqis by imposing sanctions as he cannot dislodge a monster of an US creation called Saddam Hussain?

Or for air strikes against the poorest nations of the world like Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq itself? No. The most powerful man in the world is, in this, the last year of the twentieth century accused of ‘sexual misconduct’ and lying about it when found out.

We can expect that if pronounced guilty the President and his lady, Hilary, will be turned out of the White House as Adam and Eve were expelled from the Eden! Readers will recall the hideous European paintings of the Original Sinners, Adam and Eve, clad only in fig leaves being flogged out of Heaven by irate and indignant angels.

The only difference will be that Bill and Hillary will be wearing designer dresses created for the occasion! Perhaps we should ask scientists and chemists to make a pill to ensure that humanity, at long last, learns from its experiences instead of going on stumbling forever.

The record is bad. A Socrates poisoned with hemlock; a Christ crucified, and last but not the least a Gandhi shot! The RSS takes great pains to deny any association with Nathuram Vinayak Godse. They claim that they were ‘exonerated’.

The public refuses to accept their protestations of innocence telling the truth as commonly understood is not their strong point.All ‘believers’ like the Nazis and the RSS, who are created in the image of the Nazis, have a version of Truth which is their own. This is based on the lie that some people are special by birth.

Like the Hindus. Or the White races. The Aryans and the Herrenvolk. We all now know that the whole of the human race is descended from a woman of the African continent. Where does this put and place all the theories about racial superiority?

The anthropologists have done their bit by providing incontrovertible evidence to discredit and destroy the ‘I am special by birth’ myth. It is now for liberals/democrats/secularists and such like people to laugh at the ‘varna ashrama/ White superiority/ Hindu holiness/ Sikh Martyrdom/ Maratha son-of-the soil-ness which strive to fracture, tear and fragment humanity into sharp jagged and mutually hurtful sections.

All pasts should be researched objectively to cleanse them of hagiography and lies. The objective is to make ‘discrimination’ a dirty idea in the 21st century as ‘war’ has become in the 20th.To make a beginning we shall address the white Europeans’ notion that they have invented everything and discovered everywhere.

This implied superiority has made them the role models for the last five centuries. During this time frame most of the atrocities against humanity have been committed by those practicing the discrimination made de rigeur by the whites and their imitators like Peter ‘the Great’ of Russia and the Emperor of Japan.

The survival of this institution Mikado, perpetrator of some quite horrible things in the face of the destruction of tens of thousands of the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki appears to be in itself, a crime against humanity. The pioneers in this area of establishing ‘white’ superiority were the 15th century Portuguese.

They were greedy for the riches which mariner’s tales and the goods themselves ascribed to ‘India’. We put India in quotes because the European notion of what was ‘India’ is curious fanciful and erroneous. Thus Abyssinia or Ethiopia and East to be sub Jaantaa waalaas or ‘know alls’.

The Portuguese naval activity was spearheaded by their royal family and one of them is shown heroically clad in plate armour and plumed metal helmet as ‘Prince Henry’ ‘The Navigator’ in many books. How good these neophytes were in the eyes of the old salts of the ocean is recorded by master mariner and poet, Ahmad ibne Majeed.

In his Sofalia which was the guide and textbook for Arabic knowing sailors to help them negotiate the East Africa Coast he records the arrival of the Portuguese. “It was here (Sophala) that the feringhees stumbled. They thought they knew the Monsoon winds and the effect they had on the sailing conditions.

On the day of their feast of St Michael the seas boiled over. The waves fell on them, throwing them to the opposite side of the rocks of Sophala. And the masts submerged. The ships were awash with water and overflowed. Some were seen to drown....

Much further sailed the feringhee ships in 1495-96 (A.H. 900). They sailed to learn for two whole years in an attempt to reach India.”Readers will remember, the author, Ahmad ibne Majid, was the instrument in getting the feringhees to India. But, that we shall talk later, in another column.


Akhilesh Mithal, 1991-1999. All rights reserved.
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