Itihaas 1999
Akhilesh Mithal

Itihaas, 1999


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1999, the year leading up to the new millennium was one that saw fresh elections in India that were won by the BJP coalition, backed by what Akhilesh calls the 'Parivaar.' The Parivaar is essentially a conglomerate of right-wing Hindu fundamentalist groups that back the idea of 'Hindutva', which is based on what they believe is important, but not any real understanding of Indian history. 

Akhilesh wrote about Communalism, Female Fetocide (better known as Sex Selective Abortion), bemoaned the death of Culture, and in an attempt to find hope he wrote extensively about Abul Fazl.

Late in the year, Calcutta Online reviewed of Itihaas, commenting on his article Death of the Indian Dream.


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