June, 21st, 1998
Akhilesh Mithal

Let the Vessel Sink
-- The RSS Way

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RSS ne Lutiyaa Duboa Dee (The RSS has desecrated the drinking vessel).




The Pakistanis went above and beyond whatever the Indians did by showing a Pak woman firing a machine gun at the sky.



The summer of 1998 will go down in history and especially the history of India and of Pakistan as a cruel season. A time in which the callous cynicism of the RSS leadership in India and its opposite (and twin), the Muslim League leadership in Pakistan exposed naked and unashamed in all the pristine ugliness of sectarian communalism.

Neither has an agenda for the amelioration of the hardships of its miserable, deprived and diminished to sub-human levels populace. This lacuna was most cunningly concealed behind the sounds of exploding nuclear devices.

All that can be said is that it was sabre-rattling in its most modern, updated version.The TV clips of both countries could have been produced by the same drama company. Something like the Parsi Theatre or the Shah Jahan Theatrical Company.

RSS leaders of India wearing Rajput turbans which made them look quite grotesque as they have the well-fed trader rather than the lean and supple warrior look, talking like a Bollywood dialogue. Madanlal Khurana offering to fight Pakistan anytime anywhere as if it was some fixed time event like Ramlila or Muharram.

The cues and signal of the Sanghchalaks (leaders) was faithfully taken up by the daily drilling well-trained and disciplined in street demonstration or riot cadre to provide TV audiences with “spontaneous” outbursts of frenzied celebration. There were fireworks, flowers, dancing in the streets first in India and then in Pakistan.

Because they have the edge in entertainment over the stodgy Indians, the Pakistanis went above and beyond whatever the Indians did by showing a Pak woman firing a machine gun at the sky. It is as if the RSS leaders of India and the Muslim League leaders of Pakistan have never heard of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the more recent Chernobyl. Perhaps it is like smokers and cancer: “It cannot possibly happen to me!” syndrome.What mystifies observers is the fact that everyone who was anyone knew that both Indian and Pakistan (besides other countries such as Israel) had nukes up their sleeves or whatever. Why share this open secret with the world? The RSS proclaimed “national security” as the reason.

They even claimed it would reduce Indo-Pak tension and lower temperatures. Now it is quite clear that they have bombed or failed miserably. In Hindi or Urdu / Hindustani one would say Lu or Lutiyaa Duboa Dee.This needs explanation like anything which is really Indian. A Lutiyaa is a water transporting vessel. It has to be ritually clean as its contents enter the mouth of the user.

If the vessel is “soiled,” “polluted,” “desecrated” in any manner whatsoever the person drinking out of it would be “soiled”, “polluted”, “desecrated” and unable to perform even life support activities like eating food or drinking water to say nothing of praying or any other religious/ritual acts. This is the importance of the Lutiyaa.

When a person entrusted with filling it up with water for drinking, cooking or bathing takes it to the river or the well, he has to make sure that the job is done without compromising the ritually pure aspect of the vessel in any manner whatsoever. Imagine, therefore, the calamity that would appear to have occurred if anything “untoward” happened to the Lutiyaa.

Lutiyaa duboa dee means that the one entrusted with filling it has gone and let it sink and drown in the oblivion of the river or the well. The RSS have, by an untimely and quite uncalled for unveiling of India’s nuclear capability done the equivalent of Lutiyaa dubao dee. Thus the RSS have achieved not a “bang” but a whimper.

The public has to, therefore, consider them not only unwise but incompetent to boot. This means that their other claims should be examined in detail because of Caveat Emptor. We are assured that the Pokhran explosions were “sweet” and that there was no radioactive fallout or danger to life and property.

The TV coverage of houses in nearby villages showed cracks and fissures in the walls. What guarantee is there about radioactivity not being present? Remember Chernobyl! Perhaps there is need for a non-government inquiry into the matter.

Reliable and independent men and women with competence in the area should be asked to conduct an inquiry into the Pokhran Panchak.It should be remembered that Indians and Pakistanis are better known for magic and mystery than for a scientific temper.

Their safety record while handling hazardous materials or processes is not the envy of the world. The case of the X-Rays or the Rontgen Rays can be sited as an example.Rontgen Rays or X-ray have been in use since 1895.

The inventors were the Curies, man and wife, and both died of cancer. Radiology was by trial and error and at great cost of human life and suffering it has been established that X-rays can be safe only behind nine-inch thick brick walls or lead aprons screen and gloves.

Despite all this, the radiology departments and clinics act in a careless and casual manner. The private clinics are staffed by technicians with little knowledge and training disciplining them in safety.

Even in public hospitals, with highly trained teaching and research staff, even ordinary precautions like locking the room before giving exposure is not observed. This means people from other departments, patient’s relatives, etc., walk into a “live” room.

Yet another hazard is caused by the patient’s relatives showing off. “I have X-ray done at four or five hospitals in order to make quite sure of the correct diagnosis.” The hazard of exposure to repeated doses of X-ray is not realised.

The lack of scientific temperament displayed by our attitude to X-rays will help RSS build temples in Pokhran and the “pilgrims” will be at risk.In the above gloom and doom atmosphere created by the humourless and the joyless communalists let us see what has come out of the NRIs of the US of A.

One engineer working with the computers is convinced that the whole thing was stage-managed by the CIA acting to protect their President Bill Clinton.The point they make is that as a result of the Pokhran five and the Pak six, the heat is off their President. No one talks about his misdemeanours in the areas of sexual activity any more. Who says that they, the CIA have failed?

Akhilesh Mithal, 1991-1998. All rights reserved.
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